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Cristina Amaya Sets Out To Leave the Gaming Industry Better Than She Found It

Following Daddy Yankee’s official announcement that he would retire from music at the end of the year, his wife, Mireddys González, shared a special tribute message to her husband on social media.

Not only was Sunday (March 20) the day Daddy Yankee officially announced his retirement, the date also marked the happy couple’s 27th wedding anniversary.

“It is ironic that on a day like today, March 20, when we celebrate our 27th wedding anniversary, I hear you tell the world that you are retiring from music, which has been your passion for the last three decades,” González wrote.

She continued, “You managed to grow our family with all the fans around the world who supported you from start to finish. They were, are and will be part of our lives forever. They have never let you down and have always been loyal to you.”

The loving sentiment posted on Instagram was seen over 400,000 times, including by Daddy Yankee himself, who responded back to her. “I love you,” he wrote. “You are an admirable woman.”

The couple’s daughter, Jesaaelys, also chimed in on her parents’ virtual display of affection. “I am grateful that God blessed me with parents who never gave up and made a difference in the world,” she wrote. “Papi being a pioneer in music and you mami, in an industry that is difficult to cover as a woman. I love them so much and although it makes me sad to know that retirement is approaching, I am glad that later they will only be mine. I love them with all my life.”

Daddy Yankee’s official retirement will come after his La Última Vuelta World Tour wraps up at the beginning of December 2022. Legendaddy, his first studio album in a decade, debuts March 24 at 8 p.m. ET.