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Cristina Amaya Sets Out To Leave the Gaming Industry Better Than She Found It

Rosalía’s newest eclectic and experimental album MOTOMAMI is an out-of-the-box thinking concept from start to finish – not only as far as the music goes but also in how she presented it. Partnered with TikTok, the Spanish singer-songwriter released an exclusive performance through the app’s livestream feature — now you can finally watch it on her Youtube.


“In no time you will have the performance of Motomami‘s Tiktok live on my Youtubeeeeee channel,” she announced on a Twitter post.

Starting off the performance, an interesting public announcement appears: “This piece has been created to be viewed from a mobile device. The contents change orientation, so it is recommended to lock screen orientation in settings and to hold the device with both hands.” It’s interesting to see how TikTok is currently shaping how we consume entertainment via modern technology. Throughout the innovative performance, we see the camera treated as the production tool itself, using the screenshot camera effect as a way to switch frames and social media effects such as TikTok’s “duo” frame effect to showcase Tokischa on “LA COMBI VERSACE.” 

The performance starts by showing Rosalía in the MOTOMAMI branded motorcycle helmet singing  “SAOKO” with a red mechanical bull in the background (will she ride it later during on “HENTAI?”). The camera lens plays with the POV features: showing the POV camera also in a helmet and then switching to a selfie-type of camera that Rosalía sings to throughout the 28-minute performance. In another scene, she sings a snippet of “CANDY” in a minimalistic navy blue room, keeping her cowboy boots on to keep up with the album’s theme. Other highlights include her dancers singing and doing the hand movement dance to her catchy “CHICKEN TERIYAKI,” as well as the slowdown of “HENTAI” where Rosalía is covered in sand. A special shoutout goes to the playful “BIZCOCHITO,” which instantly uplifts your mood with a cheerful chanted dance. 

During a quick pause, the singer addresses the camera directly, showing a more intimate side of her, breaking the fourth wall and making us feel like we’re in conversation with her. We also get to see the crew celebrating a birthday as she continues holding the camera phone, but then cuts back to the performance’s second half. 

All in all, the TikTok performance is an exciting, new way to capture a music concept in a digital app era thoroughly.

Watch the full TikTok performance of MOTOMAMI below.