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Coon Cry: Kodak Black Claims Prison Guards Are Trying To Kill Him Slowly

is a lot tougher than he would have ever imagined. He is claiming that the staff is out to get him.

Complex is reporting that the Florida native is having a very rough experience while trying to serve out his time. According to the report is claiming that the badges at the correctional facility are conspiring against all under the direction of two senior officials. He detailed the alleged plot in a very lengthy Instagram post that went live on January 16.

“Lieutenant F. Arroyo has been very vindictive towards me and I have a strong feeling it has something to do with me being set up, laced, bruised and brutally beaten two weeks before my court date.

There is a big conspiracy going on in this building on Me.” he wrote. “Santiago Torres is using her position wrongfully in Miami FDC and is abusing her authority. She has been writing falsified incident reports on me, to take phone privileges that I get once a week while in solitary.”

The “No Flockin” rapper also suspects that the officers are purposely agitating him in an effort to give him more prison time. “One morning, she pulled me out my cell to tell me she is going to “Take my pretty little girlfriend off my visitation list’. For no other reason but to add insult to my distress. Not being able to see my significant other while locked away in this hell hole.” Additionally he says his visits and mail is being denied.

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About four months ago there was a guy in here in solitary confinement that was well known throughout the building Pete was a very kind and generous person and while in solitary confinement Pete’s health condition reached a very advanced Stage while he was in excruciating pain! So, Pete requested medical attention (like myself) which was denied ( like myself) because he felt like he was dying ( like myself ) As Pete’s constant cried for help fell on deaf ears, he decided to take himself out of his misery by hanging himself from the bunk to end his pain and suffering. It’s sad because everyone was aware of his health issues and one C O could have found it in the kindness of the heart to do their jobs and simply call medical, his family wouldn’t be mourning his loss as of now. Everyone here knows of this tragedy but it’s being hidden from the public eye. I am grateful that I was blessed with a platform to shine a light on this catastrophe and the injustices that go on within the land of these walls. My deepest condolences goes out to Pete’s family. I need for y’all to contact me ASAP so I can send my blessings to your direction. Although, there is no price to pay for Pete’s life, I got some money for you all. I am sure it was hard having to greave over him during the holidays. I tried to do this sooner but they are not sending my mail out. [ From behind the cement with lots of love #Bill] ( DM @cdubb_1 )

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Kodak Black is currently serving 46 months on federal weapons charges.

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