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Colonizer Please: Producer JW Lucas Dragged For Victim Blaming Breonna Taylor

Hip-hop producer may have thought he was kicking knowledge with his stance on the murder of , but after tweeting his problematic view many fans called out the white producer for speaking on the issue after he seemingly blamed .

On Thursday (Jul 30), JW Lucas took to Twitter in a since-deleted tweet to call out those petitioning for the police officers who killed Taylor to brought to justice. He alleged her death was a result of the “lifestyle that she chose to participate in,” before adding in the initial response to the shooting before admitting that they entered the wrong house.

“Why is the world asking for justice for #BreonnaTaylor…ofcourse she shouldn’t have lost her life…. but do you realize that she was involved with multiple drug dealers who were using her house as a trap spot? If you sign up for that life there are consequences,” Lucas wrote. “It is terrible Breonna lost her life, and as I said earlier I believe the cops may have mishandled the raid and been to aggressive after being fired on. With that being said what is the punishment the world Is calling for. Those men were on the job and have families as well.”

Igniting a complete firestorm, Black Twitter took time to call out the blue-eyed producer for his incentive and privileged comments, before noting that his comfortability of speaking on issues that frankly isn’t his concern is a result of Black folks always inviting folks to the proverbial cookout.

As if his tweets weren’t problematic enough, Lucas then took to Instagram and appeared on live with activist Tamika Mallory where the two had a heated exchange which resulted in Lucas having the audacity to state that he was “more qualified to lead the Black Lives Matter movement” than Mallory before adding that he felt she was participating in the movement for “political gain.”

Mallory fired back with her own 20-minute live sans Lucas titled, “You don’t get to profit from the culture and be dismissive and ignorant to our plight!”, where she called the producer “extremely dangerous”, before calling on any artists, especially Black ones, to stop associating with him.

“He should not be allowed to continue to work with anybody who claims to love Black people,” Mallory said. “You will not get away with disrespecting Breonna Taylor. If we find out that he’s still working with people who are in our communities — Black people, Black artists — then we gotta say, ‘Are we gonna continue to purchase those people’s brand?’ They become an enemy of ours.”

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After being dragged for his ridiculous statement, Lucas tried to double down on his initial stance now calling for justice in regards to the murder of the 26-year old Louisville EMT after reportedly speaking to Taylor’s sister and gaining “more information” about the case.

I just had a conversation with breonnas sister. She informed me of the actual nature of the case and cleared up some things for me,” Lucas wrote. “I want to apologize to her and her family if my comment regarding her case had any potential inaccuracies. #love

JW Lucas also apologized to fans before deciding to delete the tweet altogether.

“I am deleting my original tweet because of the potential inaccuracy that her house was being used to receive drugs packs in the mail,” Lucas wrote. “If there was any corruption in the case the punishment should be the maximum allowed under law.”

Still, Twitter showed to love to the habitually problematic producer who has had a history of saying borderline racist comments during interviews and even took it a step further calling out Black artists who refuse to speak out about his behavior to face a boycott.

, Breonna Taylor was killed on March 13 when officers entered her home in search of illegal drugs. The cops claimed that they knocked on the door to announce themselves and they started shooting after they were “immediately met by gunfire” from Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker. However, Taylor’s family said in a lawsuit that the cops did not identify themselves and that Walker — a licensed gun owner — believed someone was trying to break in.

Following her death, , which allowed police officers to enter a home without first announcing their presence. , over three months since Taylor was killed. The other officers involved were placed on administrative leave, none of the officers involved have been charged with her murder.

Check out the reactions from Black Twitter below.