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Colleen Ballinger Used Miranda Sings to Say ‘Cruel’ Things

Colleen Ballinger once admitted she uses her famous Miranda Sings character to say the “cruel” things she thinks about other people but can’t say out loud as herself.

Ballinger appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2018, where she was interviewed about her YouTube channel and wacky, viral character.

When Colbert asked Ballinger about the difference between her and Miranda Sings, Ballinger said that as she’s grown up, she’s become more “aware of what people think of me and how I talk and how I look, but as I child I didn’t care.”

The YouTube star added that Miranda Sings “never grew out of that phase” of not caring.

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Colbert also told Ballinger that when he played a character for many years, he got to “piggyback” off that character’s ego and use the character as a scapegoat.

When he asked Ballinger if she ever “means” the things she says while in character as Miranda Sings, she exclaimed, “Yes, all the time!”

“There’s a lot of times where in character I’ll say something so cruel or something that I’m thinking but would never actually say as myself and it’s very liberating to be able to say things that I am thinking,” she shared.

“Never tell people when those moments are,” Colbert advised her.

Watch Colleen Ballinger on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, below:

Ballinger later criticized her appearance on Colbert.

In a YouTube vlog uploaded after her episode aired, she opened up about how she felt “so awkward” on the show.

“I hate this, I’m so awkward,” Ballinger complained while watching her segment on TV.

However, she did add that it was “an awesome experience” and that she felt “lucky” to be featured on the show.

Ballinger is currently embroiled in controversy following grooming allegations made by fellow social media influencer and former Miranda Sings fan Adam McIntyre. McIntyre claims he was just 13 when Ballinger began to manipulate him for her own gain as well as send him inappropriate private messages.

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