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Colleen Ballinger Finally Addresses Grooming Allegations

Colleen Ballinger has finally broken her silence regarding those grooming allegations — and the internet is flabbergasted, to say the least.

On Wednesday (June 28), Ballinger fired back at the allegations with a kitschy song in a video simply titled “hi.”

In the video, the YouTube star behind the Miranda Sings character plays the ukulele as she claims she wants to address “the facts” even though her team “strongly advised” her to “not say what I want to say.”

“A lot of people are saying some things about me that aren’t quite true. Doesn’t matter if it’s true, though, just as long as it’s entertaining to you, right?” Ballinger sing-songs.

“You guys having fun? All aboard the toxic gossip train, chugging down the tracks of misinformation. The toxic gossip train,” she continues, singing.

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At one point, Ballinger admits she “made some jokes in poor taste” and “lots of dumb mistakes,” but that she never intended to hurt or manipulate anyone.

“But everyone just believes that you are the type of person who manipulates and abuses children,” Ballinger sings.

In a more bizarre moment from the apology-cum-music video, Ballinger says the “only thing I’ve ever groomed is my two Persian cats.”

“I’m not a groomer, I’m just a loser who didn’t understand I shouldn’t respond to fans. And I’m not a predator, even though a lot of you think so because five years ago I made a fart joke,” she sing-songs.

Watch Colleen Ballinger’s video addressing the grooming allegations in full, below:

Adam McIntyre, the former Miranda Sings fan who lobbed the allegations against Ballinger earlier this month, wasted no time reacting to her video.

On June 7, McIntyre posted a YouTube video accusing Ballinger of “grooming,” “using” and “manipulating” him when he was just 13 and she was already in her 30s. His video included alleged screenshots of text messages, group chats and direct messages between him and Ballinger.

“As much as colleen discredited & made fun of me, im glad her video did ONE thing, show you all EXACTLY the type of evil woman she is, that a lot of us have experienced over the past few years behind the scenes, the mask has slipped…everyone meet the REAL colleen ballinger,” he tweeted.

However, McIntyre was hardly the only person who had a negative reaction to Ballinger’s ukulele video.

Many on the internet lampooned the video, pointing out how un-serious it is in tone compared to the heavy allegations it purports to address.

Others accused Ballinger of “victimizing” herself and called the clip the “worst apology video of all time.”

Check out reactions to Colleen Ballinger’s video, below. Warning: Some tweets may contain strong language.

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