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Christina Aguilera Has an Unlikely Fan… A Slipknot Member

Christina Aguilera has an unexpected fan in the heavy metal band Slipknot. One of the group’s co-founding members, Shawn Crahan, recently revealed that he had added her music, and Ariana Grande’s, to his playlist.

Crahan is better known as “Clown” in Slipknot, being one of the band’s percussionists. He helped co-found the group in 1996 with former members Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. With the passing of Gray and Jordison, Crahan is the only remaining founding member of Slipknot. In a recent interview with The Independent on Oct. 1, Crahan said that the music he’s listening to right now might not make his fans very happy to hear. 

“My hardcore fans are gonna hate me for what I say,” Crahan said. “Well, not hate me, but they’re gonna be upset.” He then went on to say that Xtina and Grande are among the artists that he enjoys listening to. Fighters and Arianators rise up for the fan clubs’ newest member. “I’m listening to a lot of Ariana Grande, some Christina Aguilera. I have a real love of pop,” Crahan said.

Crahan also said that he’s listening to jazz music and stoner metal bands on YouTube. The last album Grande released was 2020’s Positions. It’s not known if Crahan is listening to Aguilera’s recent Spanish music on her self-titled album or her classics from before.

Aguilera currently has seven nominations at next month’s Latin Grammy Awards for her self-titled album. Last week, she released the final record in the trilogy of EPs that make up her album. The La Luz EP included a spoken word intro and her new single “No Es Que Te Extrañe.” 

Last week, Aguilera also received the Spirit of Hope Award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. She was honored for her philanthropic work throughout the years, and she performed her ranchera song “La Reina” for the first time.