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Chris Stussy delivers long-awaited single, ‘Midtown Playground’

Chris Stussy has quickly established himself as one of the most recognizable house producers in all of Europe. And as he builds out his fan base on the American front, Stussy’s latest is guaranteed to assist with that. Out now on Fuse London, “Midtown Playground” has debatably been Stussy’s most in-demand track for the last few months. After making waves in the house space with “All Night Long,” Chris Stussy’s “Midtown Playground” continues to set the tone for one of the hottest producers in dance music.

As the leading track to a forthcoming EP, “Midtown Playground” has been one of Europe’s most popular house IDs of the summer, offering a smooth blend of jazz, piano, and tech-house. Providing an indication of what’s coming in the future, Stussy’s latest single is ready to take on nightclubs across the world. Get a glimpse of his upcoming EP with its first single, “Midtown Playground.”

Featured Image: Chris Stussy/Instagram

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