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Charli D’Amelio Wore Tie-Dye Jeans And I Absolutely Need A Pair

I’m so sorry to bring this up, but the first day of school is *checks calendar* like, right now. And since the first stage of returning to school is denial, I’m going to assume you haven’t yet picked out a fit. It’s chill though, because your bestie Charli D’Amelio has just provided the only inspiration you need.

Flexing on us, yet again, with that easy-cool style, Charli wore an outfit version of the TikTok influencer starter pack. All of the trends from your FYP were included—a bucket hat, cardigan/bra set, lug-sole boots, a mini bag, and tie-dye jeans.

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Ngl, I want every single thing she’s wearing, but those jeans alone will live in my mind rent-free. The blue-black wash, the baggy fit—they make me *actually* want to put on pants. I can’t confirm where exactly Charli got hers, but there are a ton of dupes on the internet. Conveniently, I’ve added some of the best for you to shop right now. Happy back to school (again, sorry)!

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