The star of Korean drama All of Us Are Dead models showcases the label’s winter 2022 collection alongside Jennifer Lopez and Zoey Deutsch

In the 2022 Netflix hit All of Us Are Dead, South Korean high school students are plunged into an absolute bloodbath after a failed science experiment at their school turns it into the epicentre of a deadly zombie apocalypse. Bad news, right? Not if you’re Chan-young Yoon, the 21-year-old actor who starred as the leader of a group of teenage survivors.

While Chan-young has been acting since he was a child, it was this award-winning role that saw him rocket to worldwide fame. With season two of All of Us Are Dead on the way, it’s his rumoured return to the lead role, after (spoiler alert) sacrificing himself for the good of the group in the explosive season one climax, that has fans most excited.

When he’s not slaying zombies or professing his love for his childhood friend On-jo, though, Chan-young takes on the more glamorous (and much less gory) task of representing Coach as the label’s first-ever ambassador for South Korea. Most recently, that has involved joining Jennifer Lopez and Zoey Deutch in Coach’s latest holiday campaign, “Feel the Wonder”.

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Shot and directed by Dazed 100 alum Anton Gottlob, the campaign taps into the holiday season vibes to show the trio reconnecting with their inner child: tearing open presents, jumping on the bed, and dancing in the snow. Shining a spotlight on the house’s new Heart bag as well as its Tabby and Studio bags, the visuals also showcase Coach’s winter 2022 ready-to-wear collection, which encapsulates Stuart Vevers’ vision of clashing American heritage with a counter-culture attitude.

The holiday campaign is also unveiled alongside Coach’s first-ever virtual shopping destination – an immersive experience inspired by a vintage Coach store. Visitors can shop the holiday collection from a series of themed rooms, as well as win prizes by playing with Rexy, the label’s mascot.

For Chan-young, teaming up with Coach this holiday season was a no-brainer (sorry to all the hungry zombies out there). After all, the actor already wore the label’s clothes in his everyday life, inspired by a childhood passion for all things American. Below, he tells Dazed how he first got started with Coach, and what it means to be starring in the brand’s latest holiday campaign.

When did you first become a fan of Coach, and what drew you to become an ambassador for the label?

Chan-young Yoon: Since I was a child, I’ve always been drawn to American culture. I love rap, and America is the birthplace of rap. Because of my interest in American culture, naturally I came to know Coach too. Their products stood out the most from all the other luxury brands. I started wearing one or two of their pieces, and I became a fan.

There were a lot of offers from different fashion brands for me to be their ambassador, which I’m grateful for, but I decided to be one for Coach, a brand I’ve always liked and have worn in my everyday life. What really stood out to me was the personality, and [the] sense of freedom I mentioned earlier. I felt that Coach expresses values like freedom, respect, and utility – all of which I associate with America – very well through fashion. And I was confident I could emulate those values well. These thoughts became conviction when I saw its spring collection, which was my first collaboration with Coach. I thought working with Coach had been [a] great decision.

What kind of character do you feel like you inhabit in Coach’s clothes?

Chan-young Yoon: I don’t think I can pick a single character. What I thought when I saw Coach’s outfits was that they were very hip. It had a lot of trendy and interesting pieces. I think you can express different characters depending on what you wear. I’ve always enjoyed wearing outfits from Coach because my everyday style is more eclectic and bold.

Coach’s new campaign is partly about embracing your inner child. Why do you think that’s such an important message?

Chan-young Yoon: Our lives are made of unique experiences and unforgettable moments. As our lives get busier we naturally forget our childhood, and I’ve come to cherish that. I think that’s partially why we look forward to holidays.

Did you take inspiration from any specific childhood memories when shooting the campaign?

Chan-young Yoon: I thought of the time I got a beetle for Christmas. I was so happy to the point I get reminded of it every Christmas. I tried to draw upon that memory as I was shooting the campaign.

The campaign is also about gifting – do you enjoy gifting clothes in your own personal life?

Chan-young Yoon: I like gifting clothes. I hope the receiver likes it when they wear it. Though I consider their usual style when I buy clothes for people, my own style is going to be there somewhat, right? It means a lot to me if what I buy fits someone’s personal style and they wear it often.

How would you like someone to feel as they unwrap a piece from the new Coach collection?

Chan-young Yoon: I cherish clothes others give to me, to the point I wear the ones I like until they are nearly falling apart. I hope they like it and wear it often.

You gained worldwide recognition for your role in Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead. How do you think this Holiday collection could help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Chan-young Yoon: I think the bag from the collection is a must-have. A bag can prevent a zombie from biting you as well as keep various items. It can also be a weapon too. Make sure to bring one with you.