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Carlos Vives And Ricky Martin Clear The Air With “Canción Bonita”

With all honesty, the latest collaboration finally brings some positive vibes to the world, after the rough days that we collectively, went through.

Both Vives and Martin’s charisma create an authentic and relaxing atmosphere for the listeners. Above everything, is the eye candy visuals that featured the artists next to a Puerto Rican beach. Throughout the music video, both artists appeared in a variety of the finest tropical outfits. 

The whole epic that made the project a reality deserves a big round of applause. “Canción Bonita” is a prime hit both lyrically and sonically. The song titled is literally translated to “Pretty Song,” and the writers of the project were Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, who were the producers behind “Despacito.” They were also accompanied by Rafa Arcuate. 

Watch “Canción Bonita” below:

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