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Cardi B’s BFF Star Brim Indicted On Assault Charges For Strip Club Brawl

The story behind two sisters getting the beats at a gentleman’s jiggle joint runs deeper than we all thought. A close of associate of is now being accused of ordering the attack.

Page Six is reporting that Bardi’s close friend Star Brim has been named in an indictment revealed on Tuesday, February 18 stemming to a brawl that occurred a couple of years back. If you have been living under a rock two sisters were violently beaten at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York on August 15, 2018.

Police believe that Yonette “Star Brim” Respass is the chief female in the 5-9 Brims Blood set and that Rachel Wattley and Sarah Wattley disrespected the gang prior. “I want hands put on them. I don’t even want no talking” she reportedly said. According to the documentation she allegedly ordered her goons to attack them both but felt they did not suffer enough.

It is alleged that two weeks later Cardi threw a hookah at Baddie Gi and Jade, the two curvy siblings, under the pretense that Jade had slept with her husband Offset. That same night Jeffrey Bush, another supposed 5-9 member was also present at the nightclub and pushed the button again by sending three females to attack the duo.

“Dissatisfied with the first attack, defendant Respass continued communicating with other enterprise members about the assault, and discussed whether the assault was vicious enough or if 5-9 Brims needed to attack the victim again,” a memo states.

Jeffrey Bush is currently serving time for time for selling crack cocaine. If convicted of these new charges he could face another 15 years or even life in prison. Star is expecting to give birth to her first child so she has yet to be arrested.

In September 2019 Cardi reconfirmed her gang status a now deleted tweet. You can see her very obvious affiliation to her set in her 2017 “Red Barz” video below where you can see Star Brim in nearly every scene.

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