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Cardi B Responds to Rumor She Shaded Ice Spice at 2023 Summer Jam

Cardi B is responding to speculation that she threw shade at Ice Spice during her 2023 Hot 97 Summer Jam set.

Following New York City’s annual showcase on Sunday (June 4), there was some rumors floating around the internet that Cardi B‘s performance featured a couple sublimnal Ice Spice disses. The “WAP” rapper shut down the talk during an Instagram Live video.

Cardi B Reacts to Ice Spice Beef Rumors

“For y’all muthaf–kers that’s on Twitter tryna be messy, please, cut the bulls–t,” Cardi B said on Instagram Live after the show. “I don’t — that’s not me, like come on now. First of all, y’all been wanting me to be messy all things. Y’all wanted me to be messy on the song, y’all wanted me to — nah, come on now. Cut the bulls–t, please. Get a mop. Y’all being too messy and y’all being annoying.”

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Cardi B’s 2023 Hot 97 Summer Jam Performance

Cardi B headlined Hot 97’s annual festival, which took place in UBS Arena. The Bronx, N.Y. rapper’s set included cameos from 21 Savage, GloRilla and Latto, with whom she performed their new single “Put It on Da Floor (Continued).” However, fans have pointed out a couple of instances that appeared to feature Ice Spice shade.

For one, Cardi opened up performing “Tomorrow 2” with GloRilla with an intro of the song “Tomorrow” from the 1982 film Annie. The ginger-hair main character in the film wears her hair in a similar style as Ice Spice. Elsewhere during the performance, the Summer Jam screen flashed an anime image of a woman who looked strikingly like the “Munch (Feelin U)” artist bent over next to the NYC skyline.

People React to the Percieved Ice Spice Shade

“Even though it’s super obvious now that Cardi B is shading Ice Spice. She’s still going to come on here and pretend that she’s not because she’s a coward,” one person on Twitter posted.

Cardi B putting a caricature of ice spice on her set in the same outfit she wore on a ig story when she was rapping tomorrow 2 and singing annie before transitioning into tomorrow 2… shading a girl that showed nothing but love to you,” someone else tweeted.

“I don’t wanna hear that ‘cardi b not shading Ice Spice’ cs whats her reason for playing the orphan Anne song??” another person questioned.

Do Cardi B and Ice Spice Have Beef?

Last October, there was speculation that there was some sort of friction with Cardi and Ice Spice after it was rumored Cardi was supposed to appear on the remix to Ice Spice’s breakout single “Munch (Feelin U).” But instead, Cardi released her feature verse on Instagram. There appeared to be no hard feelings publicly. Back in January, Ice Spice expressed excitment over Cardi shouting out “Munch” on her “Tomorrow 2” verse.

Watch Cardi B’s 2023 Hot 97 Summer Jam Set and Her Reaction to Speculation She Dissed Ice Spice Below

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