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Cardi B Releasing Song With Kanye West & Lil Durk – But It’s Not Going Smoothly

Cardi B is always busy. On top of launching her new Reebok collection and releasing the latest episode of Cardi Tries this month, she has also been working on new music. After a year of only dropping features, the rapper is finally making a comeback, dropping a new single called “Hot Shit,” featuring Lil Durk and Kanye West – but things aren’t going as smoothly as planned. During an Instagram live yesterday (June 27), she explained why the highly-anticipated track won’t include a music video.

“The record is amazing. I love the record. It’s something that y’all haven’t heard from me before,” Cardi B said about the single via Instagram live. “Y’all keep talking that I make TikTok records, and this and that. This is definitely not that. It’s a fun, it’s a great record. It’s masculine. It’s great for the clubs and great for the bitches.”

During the Instagram live, she also revealed that the new single wouldn’t come with a music video due to complications with her team. She mentioned that she’s overwhelmed and upset due to “a lot of people dropping the ball” and cites miscommunication and the lack of communication surrounding the track’s promotion. She also said that not everybody has been on the “same team” regarding it. The “Up” rapper then explained that although the promotion isn’t going as envisioned, she will stay on schedule. She added that she’s “just tired of people doing things their way.”

Regardless of her frustrations, Cardi B continued promoting “Hot Shit.” She unveiled the single’s album cover, which features her in a sleek bob cut and metallic shades that are perfectly paired with a metallic bra and heels that wrap up to her knees.

It goes without saying that Bardi Gang is ready for the new single. Twitter fans are already anticipating Cardi’s new music.

Others hope for a full album release this year. 

So, who’s ready for Cardi’s “Hot Shit”? What will Lil Durk and Ye’s features talk about? Music video or not – Friday can’t come soon enough!