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Cardi B Had a Twitter Spat With The Shade Room — Here’s What What Went Down

On Sunday (July 10), Cardi B called out the popular Instagram blog The Shade Room after she got fed up with them for “only posting negative content” about the Bronx-born rapper. Cardi claimed that she attempted to handle things privately through DMs but decided to take things to social media after not hearing anything from them when she requested they take down a video of her daughter, Kulture.

The rapper took to Twitter and aired out her grievances about The Shade Room’s actions, writing in a since-deleted tweet, “Cause my thing is …okay you only post negative content bout me, cool no biggie. Got me blocked from commenting on their page ok cool. But please don’t post my child on yall funny ish …I don’t want to be old self but just leave me alone.”

Cardi also claimed that her comments were “shadow-banned” and would not publicly appear in The Shade Room’s comments section — which is known for being a space filled with hateful comments. The blog shot back at the rapper and wrote in a since-deleted tweet, “You were not blocked from commenting. Please stop the LIES. We are only addressing your comment on negative content we didn’t bring up your daughter. And YOU called ME asking why we don’t post your family! Lie again and I’ll put out the receipts.”

They also claimed that The Shade Room does not post anything without permission from the person, which Cardi quickly denied and accused the social media page of gaslighting her in a since-deleted tweet, “When have you ever ask me to ever post anything about me? If that’s true you got my publicist # why not ask her shit why not ask me on Dm? Like this arguments are so stupid! The gaslighting it’s insane.”

In their public dispute, Cardi alleged that she had a recorded phone conversation with someone from The Shade Room, with the Twitter page urging the singer to post the recording. “You don’t need lawyer papers lol. I’m giving you my permission publicly to post the recorded convo. You can use this tweet in court if I ever tried to sue. Post it,” the account said in a deleted tweet.

Cardi probably knew that it could be legally tricky to post the recording because she wasn’t given explicit permission from the person she had the conversation with, so she backed down and asked that The Shade Room handle the matter with her privately in a tweet that she later deleted.

The Shade Room later updated their fans saying, “We were able to come to a resolution. We’re putting the issue to rest and moving on. Cardi, we wish you the best and continued success. Glad we found a way to move forward peacefully.” They continued, “What happened earlier was bad, but how it ended is good.” The blog also went on to apologize to their readers, saying they would never subject their supporters to that type of behavior ever again.