Designed for outdoor discovery, the outerwear brand’s Travel Light collection is perfect for heading deep into nature with new perspective

Cities are great, but have you tried the countryside? It’s not some sort of anti-urban conspiracy that ‘outdoors’ is always prefixed by ‘the great’ or that green spaces are idealised as idyllic. The grass really is greener on the other side of your bedroom window, no matter how healthy your houseplants might be.

It’s tricky, though, to know where to start. Not just in terms of location but also what to wear. Thankfully, Canada Goose’s Travel Light collection has us covered, and layered, and is just as apt for budding adventurers as it is for seasoned explorers. Whether the weather holds up or decides to rain on your parade, you’ll stay dry and comfortable until the cows follow you home.

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We’ve been testing the new collection as part of the Travel Light series, which invited three inner-city creatives – Michelle Li, Y.K.A Alex and Y.L.A Alan – on a journey of outdoor discovery. Michelle Li, a stylist, writer and art director, swapped sleepless Manhattan Island for peaceful Staten Island, foraging in Willowbrook Park and creating incense with the ingredients she discovered. “I really love just being outside,” she said. “Something as simple as just going on a hike through a forest or taking a walk through the park – it can just provide such an easy reset from daily life.”

Models and influencers Alex and Alan Yu, meanwhile, traded Instagram for instruments, learning to play the Vietnamese singing bowl for a hard reset of body and soul. They were converted: “I could definitely feel the energy…I think I would consider doing more outdoor stuff because I really dig the vibe.” All three wore the Canada Goose Travel Light collection from head to toe, readying them for adventure.

While we associate some hiking gear, namely what we wore during the harrowing experience of Bronze DofE, with feeling like we’ve been styled by the Michelin Man, this collection’s a different story: its outerwear is almost impossibly lightweight. 

Michelle Li sported the Muskoka Crewneck for her incense workshop, topped with the Cyprus Vest to stay toasty as the sun set. Alex and Alan mixed versatile vests, ideal for layering and wearing alone, with handy accessories such as caps and bags. The Cypress Vest, features a breezy construction made from a wind-resistant, water-repellent and ultra-lightweight ‘Recycled Feather-Light Ripstop’, keeping you cool and ensuring uninhibited movement. It’s also made from 100 per cent recycled nylon, a sustainable approach to show love back to nature.

The Kenora Jacket, meanwhile, can be thrown over the top without you feeling bulked-down, thanks to its low TEI (Thermal Experience Index), making it ideal for sweat-free, stress-free summer hikes. Both pieces also pack down into their own bag, meaning you can compete with the quick-change artist that is the Great British Summer.

Don’t be fooled by the breeziness, though. Although featherweight, the Kenora and Cyprus are far from flimsy; as expected from Canada Goose, the construction is impeccable, with the responsibly sourced down ensuring that they stand up to anything summer might sling your way, keeping you warm when needed. Plus, if you’re heading to colder climes, the Garson Vest and Freestyle Vest are built with ArcticTech cotton, ensuring you can endure crisper conditions.

Lean but robust, lightweight but sturdy, this is an adventurous collection that’s genuinely a joy to wear. Even if you’re a little grass-averse, these pieces are so easy to throw on you’ll be an orienteering anorak in no time. It’s the undisputed featherweight champion of outdoor gear, proving that lighter pieces can pack a punch.

Explore and shop the Canada Goose Travel Light collection here.