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Camila Cabello Wore A Crazy Hot Bustier Dress on New Glamour Magazine Cover

Camila Cabello is taking over the world. Like, literally. This morning, GLAMOUR magazine announced that Camila will go down in history as their first-ever global cover star, acting as the face of not one, but almost every single cover worldwide.

In total, that amounts to seven covers across the globe. The “Havana” singer posed in polka-dots for GLAMOUR Mexico, bathed in florals on GLAMOUR Hungary, went ’50s on the cover of GLAMOUR Brazil, snuggled a pup for GLAMOUR Spain, and—well, you get the idea.

The US cover, however, is one of the best. Camila looked like the heroine from a Renaissance-era romance film—but not Cinderella, like you would think. She donned ringlet curls á la The Princess Bride and wore a dreamy watercolor bustier dress that left her absolutely snatched. All that’s missing from this scene is Shawn Mendes riding in, shirtless, on a gleaming white horse.

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That’s a remake I can get behind.

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