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Cactus Black: Travis Scott Shares His Support Of George Floyd Protestors Nationwide

has joined a growing number of celebrities who have used their platforms to address the current state of race relations in America. The Houston star threw his support behind protestors enraged by the murder of and other Black lives that were unfairly lost in a recent Instagram post, albeit later than most would have preferred.

From Scott’s Instagram page:

As I pace around thinking, trying to find something to ease the pain…there are almost no words that I can think of to properly express, or I can use to suppress, this enraged feeling of us continuously losing our brothers and sisters to brutality at the hands of officers, or anyone with misguided intentions for our well-being.

The rage that we are feeling is from direct personal experience and the constant pain of wanting our voices to be heard. To be seen as equal and human, too. We have to change and reform police policy in our U.S. cities, and there needs to be accountability immediately! Especially when officers abuse power to the point where it callously takes a life.

Scott then mentioned his love and support for Floyd’s family and other families affected by police brutality and murder at the hands of police officers. He then gave praise to Bun B for his mentoring and providing a boost in the right direction to change the course of race relations in the nation.

The Astroworld star initially caught criticism from many for not using his reach to address the situation in Minneapolis and other major cities where actions have been enacted.

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