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BTS “Butter” Teaser Is Out And It’s Number 1 Trending On YouTube

The Korean-pop band, BTS, has dropped a teaser video for their upcoming single “Butter.” The seven band members rocked the 24-second video snippet with their elegant black and white suits. The video features the members tilting their heads in the same direction, which it cuts to a pancake shot topped with butter.

The teaser video was dropped one day ago, and now it has more than 28 million views, and it is the number one trending video on YouTube. The BTS army has poured the comment section with comments expressing their excitement for “Butter.” 

A user wrote: “OH WE LOVE A FUNKY BEAT,” while another commented: “They didn’t come here to play, it’s gonna be dope!”.

Check out the teaser video for “Butter” below: