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Brother-in-Law Calls Bride ‘One That Got Away’ During Speech

A bride on Reddit shared that her husband was upset after his own brother declared during his wedding speech that he wished he had dated her. Now, she thinks there may have been “serious damage” done to her marriage.

The bride met her husband through his brother Chris, whom she had a “crush on” while they were in college.

“I never was clingy [and] never acted on my feelings and I never really allowed myself to get too close to him because I knew that my feelings weren’t reciprocated. Chris knew, however, I had a crush on him, or at least he felt it,” she explained, adding he would often call her “girlfriend material” and talk about “how he wouldn’t want to lead me on.”

Chris texted her on two separate occasions to let her know he “had feelings” for her, but later apologized and “retract[ed] his words.”

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“On Christmas four years ago he texted me that he was in love with me and wanted to take me out on a date. He said he was done playing around and wanted a relationship,” she recalled, revealing they decided to meet up at a New Year’s Eve party to talk.

When he got there, Chris, who brought his brother to the party, ignored her all evening and eventually “spent the night” in her roommate’s room. “I decided there and then that I will drop it. Enough is enough,” she wrote.

However, during the party she got to know Chris’ brother.

“He was shy and hated attention and he was just the best and soon after he asked me on a date. We are married now. Our wedding was last Wednesday. I want to make two things clear. I never went beyond a crush on Chris and only after I fell for my husband that I understood what love is. He is everything to me and I love him more than anything,” she detailed.

Chris became upset after she began to date his brother, and started acting “cold” toward her.

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“Chris held a speech at our rehearsal dinner and he basically outed everything and ended with how he regretted not asking me out sooner and how he will always regret it. It was very awkward afterwards and nobody talked and on our wedding day my husband did everything to act normal and he made sure everything was as planned but I could feel that he was hurt and angry,” she shared.

Following the wedding, her husband confronted her about Chris’ declaration.

“He asked me if I loved Chris and if I dated him for that reason. I started crying because it’s absolutely not true. We started dating and became friends and I made sure it was him I wanted before committing and I never loved anyone like I love my husband. I told him all this and more and I apologized so much for not telling him everything. In the beginning I thought it was my own private matter and I didn’t feel the need to discuss it with a then ‘stranger’ to me,” the bride explained.

Now, her husband will “barely” talk to her even as their honeymoon approaches.

“He barely speaks about it. The thing we both waited for with so much anticipation and longing,” she wrote, adding, “I can’t turn back time so I don’t know what to do.”

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Users in the comments section tried to comfort the woman, with many slamming the brother-in-law for making the bride and groom uncomfortable.

“I think your husband will be fine eventually. But I don’t think he will be fine with you spending time with his brother anytime soon, if ever. What a s–t dude to do that to his own brother and his wife. I’m sorry you got that as a brother-in-law,” one person wrote.

“Chris did this deliberately to hurt you. He waited for this moment. Have an honest conversation with your husband,” someone else advised.

“Going forward, cut Chris from your lives. He’s a terrible human and has made it clear he won’t ever change. I hope your husband believes you and you go on your honeymoon. Give your husband some time to process this. I bet Chris repeatedly hurt and bullied his brother growing up. Your husband will need therapy. His brother will try to twist things and a therapist could help your husband see through his lies,” another chimed in.

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