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Brilliant!: Jean Grae & Donwill Hilariously Troll Instagram With DJ Set Using Facebook’s “Elevator Music”

DJ’s have literally been saving our lives thanks to their Instagram Live DJ sets. BUT due to music rights, Instagram has been cracking down on the streams. One duo found a loophole and decided to troll the social media platform.

Brooklyn’s own and came up with the brilliant idea to hold the first-ever “Instagram Approved DJ Set.” Grae and Donwill decided to produce the set after they saw a Page Six article that highlighted Instagram cracking down on DJs due to music copyright issues. The -owned company then posted a set of guidelines last week that pointed out to users that it has a library of “generic music” and sound effects that DJs could use without having to worry about their lives being shut down.

Jean Grae and Donwill decided to use that loophole and held “Instagram Approved DJ Set,” effectively clowning Instagram on Monday (May.25) by using the Facebook approved music library.

During the hilarious set, Donwill joked “Why would you need any Beyoncé . . . or Rihanna?” as both he and Grae played songs from artists like Brent Bourgeois and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Grae cleverly described the catalog of music as “car-commercial songs.”

Speaking with Page Six, Donwill further went in on free music catalog breaking down the selection they have to choose from to stream a set on Instagram.

“There was also this reggae song with fake patois accents and an Azealia Banks knockoff. There was even a baby crying . . . and footsteps of a person walking . . . It’s music that’s perfect if you’re scoring a video, but not for people to listen to and dance to. Why would you recommend that you use this material to play at a party?”

So true.

Regardless, Grae and Donwill’s set was a hit with fans, with some even suggesting they should get their own SNL skit from it. Maybe they could make it a weekly thing, we wouldn’t be opposed to that idea.

Instagram’s decision to cut DJs’ streams are causing a mass exodus. Questlove and other record-spinners have already taken their talents to other streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixcloud. Timbaland and Swizz Beatz popular IG live battles have also been affected by IG’s rules with Swizz emphasizing that DJs can only play 90-seconds of records.


You can watch Jean Grae, and Donwill’s “Instagram Approved DJ Set” below.

Photo: JP Yim / Getty