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Brazilian Players Go Viral for Taylor Swift Dispute — Here’s What Happened

Taylor Swift was at the center of a dispute between two Brazilian national team players, Richarlison and Vitor Roque.

The argument reportedly started because Richarlison, who is 26, had an issue with 18-year-old Vitor Roque’s taste in music. The younger player, who recently became the youngest man ever to debut for the Brazilian national team, started playing Taylor Swift songs in the locker room.

Reports indicated that Richarlison reacted unfavorably to the music, even going as far as to call it “the worst music on the planet.” Whether Richarlison’s issues are just music related or they have to do with the fact that Vitor Roque plays the same position he does and is widely expected to be a mainstay of the national team for years to come, while Richarlison is struggling with his club and hasn’t really had the results he expected with Brazil, it’s impossible to know.

But fans were quick to point out how silly it is, in the grand scheme of things, for Richarlison to be trying to dictate his teammate’s music. Not to mention how absurd it is to get into a fight with someone on your team over Taylor Swift.

Some pointed out that Taylor Swift fans, aka Swifties, would come for Richarlison.

Others took the time to criticize Richarlison’s play, even going as far as point out the fact that he has yet to score a goal for his club this year.

While one fan wanted to make sure everyone knew Richarlison played for Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

Either way, Brazil would probably be better off if Richarlison worried more about what he does on the field than what others listen to in the locker room.