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Bomba Estereo Celebrates Earth Day With Beautifully Choreographed Video For ‘Tierra’

Just in time for Earth Day, Bomba Estero has released a gorgeously directed video for “Tierra,” a powerful song that paints a brighter future for the environment. “They exploited the mines, they took all the gold, they came for more, but it’s all over,” Bomba Estereo frontwoman Li Saumet sings on the track. She adds, “It can be different — it can be better.”

According to founding member Simon Mejia, the video is an homage to the ancient relationships between humans and Mother Nature. “The earth should belong to everyone, as we belong to her, independent of race, identity or nationality,” he said in a release. Directed by choreographer Fana Adjani, the clip emphasizes ideas of plurality, interconnectedness, and “muxiedad” — the Zapotec belief in a third gender — through stunning scenes starring Saumet and Lukas Avendaño, a nonbinary Zapotec indigenous performance artist.
“The ‘Tierra’ video is a project that generates a collective embrace, a series of actions that promote dialogue from the plurality of voices and existence” Adjani added in a release. “In the diversity and interculturality is where community is woven and that is where Latin America can be free.”
“Tierra” is off of the duo’s last album Deja, which was split into four sections — Agua, Aire, Tierra, and Fuego— corresponding to the earth’s four elements. It included collaborations with artists such as the Nigerian singer Yemi Alade, and musical input from musicians such as the Grammy-nominated Colombian artist  Lido Pimienta. Deja was nominated for Best Latin Rock or Alternative Album at the 2022 Grammys.