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BLACKPINK’s Lisa Talks Up Rosalía & Making Spanish Culture “Her Own”

You’re probably living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. From being the first K-pop group to perform at Coachella to landing this month’s Rolling Stone cover, their international presence and fanbase are unquestionable. In the interview with the publication, the girls showed their ties to the Spanish-speaking community by talking about none other than Rosalía. 

During the conversation with Rolling Stone, BLACKPINK member Lisa talked about being curious about making traditional Thai music. This came about while self-questioning if she’s only good at one genre (hip-hop). As an example, she referenced Spanish pop artist Rosalía. She mentioned she liked how the “HENTAI” singer would showcase her Spanish culture, making it her own.

“Rosalía is so cool. She has her own Spanish culture, that’s inside her person, that influences her music,” Lisa told the magazine. “I’m curious to know how much I can expand what I do. Music-wise, dance-wise, I feel like I still have to learn more.”

Well, she won’t know until she tries it out! Imagine rap-infused traditional Thai music by Lisa? Furthermore, imagine what a collaboration between Lisa and Rosalía would sound? Maybe a crossover between modern and traditional music that pays tribute to both Lisa’s Thai culture and Rosalía’s modern flamenco? 

What we do know is that both singers respect each other’s artistry. During the MOTOMAMI promo, Rosalía gifted Lisa a copy of her album. Not only that, though, she also told Radio Disney México that she was a fan, praising the K-pop star by saying that she really loved her and that she “dances so well.” During the same conversation, Rosalía says that “fate” will decide if there’s a future collaboration between the two.

Well, let “fate” be in our favor!