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#BlackInkCrew: The Crew Finds Out About Teddy’s New Boo, Heads To Hawaii To For Walt’s Wedding

Last week on , Ceaser and his crew of misfits made a last-ditch effort to save his flagship tattoo shop. Walt got arrested and, in the process, convinced Jess to marry him. This week Walter and his bride-to-be head to Hawaii to jump the broom, and they invited everyone to be there when it happens.

This week’s episode opens up with the excited couple as they pack for their trip to Hawaii. We totally understand they are eager to get away from the drama in New York, and that includes what is going on at the shop.

Speaking of the shop, Cease and the crew are happy that rally was a “success,” but the landlord isn’t budging on his stance when it comes to Ceaser coughing up more money to keep the shop. Cease reveals he put in his application to make the shop a landmark, so now they are waiting to see if that idea pans out.

Donna changes the subject and asks about Walt and Jess, and right at that moment, two women dressed as hula girls walk in the shop and hand out invitations to Jess and Walt’s wedding.

The crew is excited to head to Hawaii, but Ceaser shuts that down, stating they can’t leave because if they go, they might not have a shop to come back to. Disappointed that they won’t be heading to paradise, Sassy does come up with the idea that half of the team should stay behind at the shop while the other half hops on a flight to Hawaii.

Speaking of Hawaii, the couple has landed and wasted no time getting acclimated to their temporary settings and hit the beach to soak in the island’s beautiful ambiance.

Back at the shop, Bae walks in, and she has some tea to spill on Teddy. She shows the crew The Shaderoom post, which is a picture of Teddy and a mystery woman kissing. The caption of the photo hints at with a baby emoji.

Everyone in the shop is wondering if Teddy made it official with his Korean boo and if Walt has a kid on the way. Plus, they are shocked Teddy is in a relationship because no one knew about it.

Teddy eventually walks in the shop, and the crew immediately bombards him with questions about the Shaderoom post. He stays mum on the situation plus; he is also wearing a wedding band. During his confessional, Teddy reveals that he has been dating the woman for a while now. He also states that he has no desire to tell the crew about his new boo.

Back in Hawaii, Walt and Jess find out that Cease and crew can’t make it to the wedding. Walt is disappointed, so he and Jess decided to go zip lining to take his mind off his friends flaking on him and Jess.

After they are finished, Walt decides to call Richard, aka Oh Sh*t, to see if he can come to the wedding, but he doesn’t answer. Walt leaves him a voicemail asking to take a trip to Hawaii. Walt also reaches out to Kitty and asks her to come, and when she learns that Cease and everyone else is not going to be there, she agrees to attend.

Back in New York, Cease links up with his mother, and he details the situation about the shop. She reassures him that everything is going to work out because he is a leader and has a lot of supporters, but Ceaser isn’t so sure. He also tells his mom about Walt getting married and that he is not going because of his issue with the shop. Ceaser’s mom is disappointed to hear that and says he has no choice but to go because Walt has been there for him over the years.

In the next scene, we finally get to meet Teddy’s boo, Euni. He confirms they are not married and that she is not pregnant. He reveals that he wears the ring as a reminder to not mess this relationship up and that it was a birthday gift to himself.

Yeah right.

Teddy reveals that he met Euni at the Louis Vuitton store (we didn’t need to know that) and that he doesn’t think he’s loved someone as much he loves her. He also hopes to they can get married soon. Honestly, we have heard this entire spiel before, not once, but twice.

Ceaser returns to the shop, and he has some good news. He tells the crew that they will be going to Hawaii to attend Walt’s wedding, and he is going to rent a mansion for them to get married in. Cease calls up Jess to tell her the news to tell her he will pay for everything but instructs her not to tell Walt they are coming because he wants it to be a surprise. She agrees to keep things on the hush.

Cease and the crew immediately head to the airport. One person is missing, Puma. We learn that Quani took his spot because she feels he is always leaving her with the kids, so this time it’s his turn to babysit.

Tati is a bit too excited to be taking a trip and drinks entirely too much on the flight, and when they land, she is drunk. When they arrive at a restaurant to grab something to eat, Tati throws up and says she feels better after.


Not too long after, we catch up with Walt and Jess, and they are also grabbing a bite to eat. The band makes an announcement that crew from 113th is there and Ceaser and everyone walks out. Ceaser tells Walt about the mansion, but he is conflicted. He’s happy to see his friends, but at the same time, he is also worried about what is going to happen when Richard and Kitty arrive.

Black Ink viewers had thoughts about the episode and, most importantly, about Teddy’s new “wifey.” You can peep them all in the gallery below.

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