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#BlackInkCrew: Ceaser’s & Crew Try To Save The Shop, Walt Gets Arrested, Donna Puts Tati On Time Out

Last week on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, oops we mean New York, Ceaser announced he was opening a spite tattoo shop to get back at Ryan. He later learned his landlord was giving him and his crew the boot from the flagship 113th Black Ink location.

This week’s episode picks up with Ceaser not taking the eviction news very well. The tattoo shop mogul can’t believe this is happening to him, and if you ask us, it sounds like karma. Anyway, he decides to leave the shop because he needs some time to think and process everything that is going on.

Ceaser isn’t the only one going through it. Walter is still down in the dumps after Jess told him she doesn’t want to get married. We catch up with Walt while he’s doing a standup show, and he is stinking up the joint with his terrible jokes that are so bad that people are actually leaving. When his set is done, he sees Kitty in the corner waiting for him. Even though Kitty has beef with everyone else in the shop, she and Walter are still good friends.

Walt and Kitty head to back to catch up on what is going on in each other’s lives. Walt reveals to Kitty that he and Jess are no longer getting married due to Walt’s infidelity which caused some trust issues forcing Jess to reconsider jumping the broom. Kitty tells Walt not to worry and that he and Jess will eventually get over it. At the same time, Kitty is concerned because she noticed that Walk is drinking again.

We head back to the shop, and Ceaser brings everyone up to speed on the eviction situation. Ceaser’s lawyer told him there isn’t much they can do, and they will have to wait to see how things unfurl because the situation is more complicated than signing just a lease. The crew believes that the shop’s issues are all due to gentrification of the neighborhood.

The meeting is broken up when a bunch of police cars rolls up in front of the shop. When Donna looks out the window to see what is going on, she discovers that Walt is being arrested. Everyone rushes outside to see Walt being put in a squad car and being taken away.

Immediately we check in with Jess, who is trying to make sense of the situation involving her boyfriend. Jess tells Ceaser during a FaceTime call that the precinct is not giving her any information on Walt’s arrest. The only thing she does know is that Walt was arrested because he has an outstanding bench warrant and will have to stay overnight. This is shocking to both Jess and Cease, with her beginning to wonder what else has Walt not told her? Jess is also worried that Walt won’t handle being in jail for an extended period too well.

Cease says he has never known Walt to be in any trouble with the police, he does promise to get Walt a lawyer if he needs one.

The following day, we learn that Walt will go before a judge that afternoon to determine his fate. Meanwhile, at the shop, Ceaser gets even more bad news about the eviction situation. His lawyer Matt stops by with an unfortunate update from Ceaser’s landlord, Ceaser will now have to pay $11,000 a month in rent, that’s more than double what he used to pay.

Ceaser is pissed at the news and reveals that he doesn’t even pay that much rent for his shop on 125th street.

We head back to the developing situation with Walt, who is now in court. Jess heads there with her friend Dukes clearly worried about her boo. Not too long into their conversation, Walt walks out of the courthouse, and Jess is relieved to see her man.  Walt explains he was in front of the shop finishing off a joint when the cops pulled up on him. When they ran his name in the database they discovered he had a bench warrant from 2006 and decided to bring him in.

Walt apologizes to Jess for scaring her, and she replies by saying the whole situation made her realize that being without Walt is something she can’t tolerate. Jess makes Walt a happy man again when she tells him that they should get married.

We check back in with Ceaser, who is now seeking help to save the shop. The tattoo shop owner reaches out to Councilman Cornegy in hopes he can help him fix the situation. Cornegy reveals there isn’t much he can do for Ceaser, but he suggests that Ceaser tells the community because he is positive they have no idea what is going on in their neighborhood and will rally behind the shop. Ceaser says he will think about it.

Moving along, we catch up with the most annoying “lesbian fling” on television. Donna links up with Tati to discuss what happened when she revealed to Alex what they have been doing behind his back. Donna tells Tati that Alex was not too happy about them messing around. Tati says Donna should have told Alex sooner (like that would have made a difference) because she feels things are going to be weird now she sees Alex.

Donna tells Tatit out of respect for Alex they will have to put their ual relationship on “time out,” but they can still remain friends.

Donna links up with Alex at the spa for a little alone time and to talk about her meeting with Tati. She tells “big daddy” (gross) that he doesn’t have to worry about Tati anymore because they are just friends. We shall see how long that lasts. Anyway, Alex is relieved because he doesn’t want to share his future wife ually with anyone, be it a man or woman.

We check back in with operation save Black Ink 113th, and Ceaser gets some motivation to take action from an unlikely source. Korey Wise from the stops by the shop to get a tattoo done by Ceaser and during the session convinces the tattoo shop owner to get active because so much history has happened in the famed location. Ceaser decides he will ask for help from the community.

It’s rally day and the gang decide to make signs. Some of the signs they are creating are absolutely ridiculous, but this is Black Ink Crew, so we’re not surprised.

Ceaser learns that they are considering making 113th a landmark, and if that happens, there is nothing the landlord can do if that process goes through.

The crew embarked outside for the rally and is excited to see neighborhood residents came out to support them. We think they are there for the camera time but whatever. The realtor for landlord shows up to show the property to a potential buyer or renter and Ceaser and the crew forces them to leave and the episode ends.

Twitter had plenty of thoughts about Ceaser’s dilemma, Donna and Tati’s foolishness, and Jess changing her mind and deciding to marry Walt again. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz