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#BlackInkChi: The Cast Grapples With The Reality of The Coronavirus Pandemic In Season Finale

season was cut short due to the pandemic. During last night’s season finale, we see how the cast deal with the city of Chicago shutting down because of the virus.

Last week’s episode ended with Charmaine and Neek rushing to the hospital because the day the married couple has been waiting 9 months to come has arrived. Baby Nola is on the way, and Charmaine’s contractions are now 5-minutes apart. When they finally reach the hospital, they are quickly reminded that COVID-19 is here and are instructed to put on masks upon entering the facility.

We catch up with , Phor, and Don, and they too are wary of the virus as they prep for their gym workout armed with Lysol and hand sanitizer, oh, and 9MAG is still open by the way.

The focus shifts to Draya, she is worried now more than ever as businesses begin to close down. But to show you where her priorities are, she made sure to call her nail salon to get in a manicure and pedicure before they too are closed down. When she gets to the salon, she boasts about them taking all precautions to remain COVID free and even takes her temperature. Interestingly the contactless thermometer said her body temperature was 94 degrees. She might want to get that checked out.

Meanwhile, her fellow 9MAG employee Bella is at the supermarket trying to stock up on much-needed groceries before the lockdown happens. Unfortunately, she missed out on the toilet tissue and bread but is happy she was able to score some potatoes and water. Bella is taken back by what she is witnessing, being that she has never seen anything like it before.

If there is any silver lining out of COVID-19’s arrival, its the fact it managed to bring Kitty and Jessica together. The two 2nd City Ink employees chop it up on Facetime about how stressful things are getting for the shop. Kitty is worried that the rent won’t be paid because customers are canceling appointments, and the artists are scared to come to work. She is also hoping that the shop won’t have to be closed down, fearing that it will be hard for the shop to recover from such a move.

We head back to the hospital, and Charmaine hasn’t pushed out Nola yet, but she is feeling better thanks to getting an epidural. Charmaine clearly feeling really good tells her husband that she is so thankful for him and the support he has been giving her through the tough times during her pregnancy.

Over at 9MAG, the shop is still open despite many other businesses shutter due to the looming presence of COVID-19. Ryan is adamant about keeping the shop open as long as he can to make sure his artists continue to get paid. He makes sure to point out that they are keeping everything safe and sanitized.

We learned earlier in the season that Don and Ashley are no longer on good terms, and their marriage is in danger. Ashley announced in a previous episode that she is scared and wants to take the kids to Texas because she feels it will be much safer there. Boy, if only she could see the future. Anyway, Don didn’t think that was a good idea, so he decided to have a conversation with his wife. Don pitches the idea of them quarantining together for the sake of their sons because it would also be a better idea than flying to Texas. Ashley was hesitant about the idea at first but eventually warms up to it.

Back at Kitty’s apartment, she gets a surprise FaceTime call from Jess’s friend and 2nd City Ink’s newest employee Steven. He breaks the news to Kitty that both he and Jess are heading back across the pond to be with their families before all international travel is stopped. Kitty, at first, is disappointed about their decision to just bounce but does understand the need to be with loved ones during a time like this.

We learned last week that Steven thinks Kitty is attractive, so he used the opportunity to flirt with his boss. Kitty thinks it cute that Steven shot his shot. Could this be setting a possible beef between Ryan and Steven?

Speaking of Ryan, he just got the news he was dreading. The Governor of Illinois announced that he is shutting down all nonessential businesses. Ryan’s tattoo shop falls in that category, and he is saddened to hear it. Ryan is deeply concerned about his artists and how they are going to take care of their families, mainly because they depend on the shop to get paid.

Ryan heads home and FaceTimes Rachel to talk about the situation. Both of them, being business owners, are sad and stressed about everything. With their businesses closed and the kids out of school because of COVID-19, Ryan floats the idea of him staying with Rachel and the kids, but she shuts that down immediately, claiming they don’t have a relationship anymore.

But amid all the fear and despair COVID-19 will eventually bring, there is one bright spot, and that is the birth of Charmaine and Neek’s daughter Nola Glenda Bey. The season ends on that note, only time will tell when the cameras turn back on to bring us the shenanigans from Chicago.

You can peep the reactions to the season finale below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1

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