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#BlackInkChi: Kitty Fills In For Charmaine, Jess Quits 2nd City Ink & Ashley Wants A Divorce From Don

, Kitty had 2nd City Ink’s crew in their feelings when she announced she took the job to fill in for Charmaine. This week she finally arrived and makes some changes that co-manager, Jess is not feeling at all.

The episode opens up with Kitty’s first day on the job, and she immediately makes her presence felt. Jess is S A L T Y and reveals that during her confessional that Charmaine told her that Kitty isn’t actually a manager but only there to temporarily help out. Kitty tells Prince, Fly Tatted, and Jess otherwise and even sets up shop inside Charmaine’s office.

Jess reiterates that Charmaine told her something different and throws shade by pointing out that Kitty is just a makeup artist. Kitty responds back by correcting her and pointing out that she was a Brand Ambassador at Black Ink, but the tension doesn’t stop there.

Kitty and Jess then go off to talk privately, and they continue to bump heads with Jess emphasizing she is a managing partner. Little do they know Kitty has some serious plans in store for 2nd City Ink.

We step away from that brewing storm, and into some old drama that we thought, for the most part, was dead. It seems after the club incident, Don and Ashley’s marriage is not in good shape. Speaking with is brother Phor, Don vents to him about his wife on their way to meet up with her. Don is visibly frustrated about Ashley holding his past indiscretions over his head, even though everyone can see he has been behaving himself.

When Phor, Don, and Ashley arrive at the restaurant, frustrations quickly spillover between Dona and Ashley. It appears the couple is also going through some financial issues. Ashley is stressed that her car is in the shop and that it is going to cost $1,600 to fix it. Don isn’t feeling that at all, and we learn that this is one of the reasons the couple has been at each other throats.

Things go left when Ashley reveals that she still has trust issues with Don, and during a screaming match claims she made her husband who he is. While on his way out, Don scoffs at that notion and tells Ashley he doesn’t need her, and he will be just fine without her while storming out.

We catch back up with Kitty, and she is currently hanging out with her boo Rayn. The two are no longer denying they are enjoying each other’s company. We wonder how ?  Anyway, Kitty breaks down how much of a mess 2nd City Ink is and how Jess hates her to Ryan. We are sure Charmaine wouldn’t be too happy to hear Kitty is talking about what is going on with her shop to Ryan.

The scene shifts back to Don and Ashley, and things have not gotten better since their big argument at the restaurant. Don asks Ashley if she can ever forgive him for cheating in the past and trust him again? Ashely is having difficulty answering the question, but that speaks volumes to Don. He tells her that they need to figure things out between them soon, or their marriage will fall apart.

Kitty’s second day at the shop is an eventful one. Kitty is not too happy to see that the shop is still dirty, and no one is there at 11 am. Once everyone starts trickling in one-by-one, they notice that Kitty decided to set up shop in Charmaine’s office, and that does not sit well with them.

Noticeably missing at the time is Jess, who decided to tattoo her client at his house because she didn’t want to be around Kitty.

Back in the office, Kitty decides to call a meeting to implement some new rules going forward. Kitty feels not enough clients come to the shop, so she announces that 2nd City Ink will start honoring walk-in appointments. Draya feels doing walk-in tattoos are beneath her because they are cheap, so she totally opposes the idea. Kitty doesn’t care and says it’s happening whether they like it or not and tells them to get with the program or find a new job.

Kitty also announces that children will no longer be allowed in 2nd City Ink, a product of Prince’s son playing around in the shop earlier in the episode. Things are only to get worse, though. Charmaine is back in town after having to help her dad lay her mother to rest.

The mood goes from joyous to contentious when Charmaine announces she is going to hire Kitty permanently. Jess is BIG MAD at that idea. Jessica follows Charmaine into her office to have a much-needed conversation. Charmaine feels she doesn’t have to consult with Jessica if she wants to hire someone because her name is on the lease. Jessica counters reminding her she came all the way from London to work with Charmaine and that she should have some input on the decision.

Charmaine doesn’t care, Jessica then gives her an ultimatum telling her to fire Kitty, Charmaine refuses, and so Jessica decides to quit. Looks like 2nd City Ink isn’t so different from 9Mag after all.

We head back to Don and Ashley’s home, and he quickly learns his wife has decided to check out. He finds a letter on the bed along with her wedding and engagement rings, informing she wants a divorce. Welp :-(.

Of course, viewers had thoughts about Jess being salty about Kitty working at the shop. You can peep reactions to all of the events that took place in the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz/VH1