In a short film by Petra Collins, the label’s latest collection is delivered via UFO

Something strange is going on in BIMBA Y LOLA’s AW22 campaign. In the remote town of Lolaville, USA, a host of mysterious, icy objects have crashed down from the heavens, scattering fuzzy, bright-hued Chimo bags throughout the desert streets. Are they gifts from aliens, from outer space? Why is it snowing in the middle of summer? Is there just something in the water? The truth is out there.

Directed by Petra Collins, the short film follows an intrepid wannabe reporter as she works to uncover the cause of the phenomenon and its effects on four extraordinary girls: one of Enya’s eyes has turned blue; weird markings have appeared on Peng’s body; Beth has developed an obsession with UFOs. In other words, they’ve been “Bimbaylolized” – a condition that causes them to see things that others don’t, and head out in search of adventure.

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This Bimbaylolized attitude is at the centre of the Spain-based brand’s AW22 collection – most notably its new range of plush, multicoloured bags with the BIMBA Y LOLA logo embedded like a single alien eye. Conveniently, the sighting in the skies above Lolaville has also left each of the girls with one such handbag to sling over their shoulder as they hang out around town, vlogging, manning the convenience store, and meeting up at the local diner. As the bags possess the town and take it over completely, they’re also paired with highlights from the collection: neon-striped jumpers and woolly scarves, chunky jewellery featuring teddy bears and little green men, and alien-shaped sunglasses.

Thanks to Petra Collins, all of the action unfolds against a sunset and neon-lit backdrop that draws inspiration from cult classics such as Twin Peaks, To Die For, and Repo Man (catch the low-fi special effects as the investigation reaches its supernatural conclusion). The camp comedy, meanwhile, reflects BIMBA Y LOLA’s belief in being able to laugh at yourself even when taking things seriously, as embodied in the brand’s trademark playful designs.

The question is, can the brand’s fluffy, colour-blocked bags – coming in bright red, sky blue, orange, and pink – really transport the wearer to another dimension? Is there truth to the Bimbaylolized origin myth? We want to believe.

Watch Petra Collins’ short film for BIMBA Y LOLA AW22 below, and take a closer look at the label’s AW22 collection in the gallery above.