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Beyoncé and Jay-Z win the jackpot!

On October 4, singer Beyoncé and rapper Jay-Z closed their “On The Run Tour II” tour in Seattle. Since June, the couple has been performing their new songs and classics around the world. Through the 48 stadiums, the star couple has been more than lucrative. In fact, more than 2 million tickets sold and they made more than 250 million dollars in revenue.

A performance they can be proud of. They doubled the revenue from the first tour that took place in 2014 when Jay-Z and Beyoncé generated more than $ 109 million for 980,000 tickets sold.

Thanks to their strategy of combining their respective audiences, they even decided to make a joint album “Everything is Love” and put it out ten days before the beginning of the tour. Whether it’s “Drunk in Love”, “Crazy in Love”, “Deja Vu” or “Bonnie and Clyde”, Queen B and her man have some famous hits together. The tour served as a common ground for both of their audiences who have been patiently waiting to see them perform live.

After this success, will the couple tour again together? Nothing is for sure but after such results, they might just think about it. Keep in touch with us for more updates.