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Bella Poarch Finally Releases The Highly Anticipated Song “Build A Bitch”

Creativity at its finest! 

The song was dropped three hours ago next to an utterly creative and meaningful music video.

Post chorus, which goes like “La-la-la-la….” gained momentum on TikTok, as Bella was constantly promoting it to her 66 million followers. 

“Build A Bitch” is about men designing the girl of their dreams through an automated machine. The machine allows you to insert information about the hair color, the desired weight, and height, you can even choose the butt shape that you want her to have. The project mainly calls out men who usually want a Barbie like girls when they do not even look like a Ken. 

The music video featured TikTok’s famous people including ZHC, Mia Khalifa. Valkyrae, Sub Urban, and Rakhim, among others. 

Watch the music video of “Build A Bitch” below:

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