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Belinda & Natanael Cano Announce Collaboration – Here’s What We Know

Beli-bélica. Belinda is deep in her música mexicana era. On Apr. 11, the Spanish-Mexican pop star took to social media to announce her upcoming collaboration “300 Noches” with none other than the corridos tumbados hitmaker Natanael Cano. “300 Noches” is out on Apr. 25.

“Ya falta poco @natanael_cano #300noches🧨🥷🧨,” Belinda announced on an Instagram post yesterday (Apr. 11). The Instagram post features her in the studio with Cano, recording their upcoming collaboration.

The new visuals show a clip of the two artists singing a breakup anthem. Beli is heard laying down her vocals acapella. Cano is heard saying, “puros corridos coquette,” and singing, “No puedo seguir siendo el rey, sin esta reina en mi lado [I can no longer be the king, without this queen by my side].” He later tells the “Angel” singer in Spanish, “You’re doing great, girl. You did the best thing you could have done. You recorded con el tumbado,” referencing himself.

Fans started to speculate about the upcoming duet after the “AMG” singer posted an Instagram story of them working together. In the short clip, the two appeared to be singing a música mexicana song and she says, “Puros corridos coquette.” The video surfaced after she released her first corrido called “Cactus,” which seemingly referenced her ex-fiancé Christian Nodal. 

Social media users are anticipating the joint track. A social media user wrote: “Finally! After #NatanaelCano leaked the new collaboration with #Belinda a month ago, we are finally days away from listening to Beli Belika’s second single #300Noches and let’s see if it will be a #CorridoCoquette as she said it would be.”

Another social media user wrote: “Natanael cano’s upcoming song with Belinda keeps me alive.”

It appears Belinda is staying in the corridos coquette lane. Besides working with Cano, another música mexicana artist she tapped in the studio is Marca Registrada. On Feb. 24, the group wrote online: “THE FUCKING LOVE ❤️‍🔥 @belindapop @fidelmarcaregistrada_7 📀🔥🔜.”