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Becky G’s Star-Studded Mexican Tribute at Coachella

Becky G’s long-awaited debut as a billed Coachella act finally arrived, proving that patience pays off. The Mexican-American artist had previously appeared at Coachella the previous year, joining Karol G to perform their hit “MAMIII.” However, this marked Becky G’s first solo performance at the iconic festival.

What’s up Coachella?” she greeted a vast crowd of fans gathered at the main stage for her captivating 45-minute set, which kicked off with the reggaeton hit “Mayores.” “You’re looking mighty beautiful from up here,” she said after her opening number. “I’m so happy to be here with you guys today.” Becky G chose to keep her words brief, letting her music speak for her. Sporting a dark blue denim three-piece and white sneakers, she performed “Fulanito,” “Cuando Te Besé,” and “Bailé Con Mi Ex” against a Luis Barragán-inspired backdrop before transitioning into a special segment honoring her Mexican heritage.

México en la casa! I’ve been working on my regional project, and it’s been so beautiful,” she shared. “I’m proud to be Mexican-American. And I couldn’t come to Coachella and not share the stage. Who else did we invite to the carne asada (cookout)?” she inquired of her DJ.

Wearing a tejana for this part of her set, Becky was joined by Marca MP and a tuba to perform “Ya Acabó.” This was only the beginning of an impressive lineup of guest artists. Next, Jesús Ortiz Paz of Fuerza Regida sang “Te Quiero Besar” alongside Becky, then stayed on to perform her “favorite” song of his, the cumbia-infused “Bebe Dame.”

The third surprise guest was a relative newcomer to live performances, let alone a festival of Coachella’s scale. Nevertheless, the audience went wild when corridos upstart Peso Pluma appeared to sing his collaboration with Becky, “Chanel.” The surprises continued as Becky, now donning a sparkly blue mini-dress, welcomed her best friend Natti Natasha on stage for their empowering duet “Sin Pijama.” The two even shared a friendly kiss after their performance.

To conclude her set with a flourish, Becky sang her Karol G collaboration “MAMIII,” wrapping up with the iconic wailing portion of “Killing Me Softly.” For a final nostalgic touch, she performed her debut hit single “Shower.” “Let me take this in for a second,” she said before exiting the stage. “It has truly been an honor.”