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Becky G Shares How She Connected With Karol G For ‘MAMIII’

Becky G and Karol G’s “MAMIII” has been one of this year’s most successful Latine collaborations yet. From landing No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and No. 4 on Billboard’s Global 200 singles chart, it’s clear that the two artists have been thriving with this long-awaited collaboration. While the G’s team up felt overdue, it was always on Becky G’s mind – and in a recent interview, she talked all about how the female anthem “MAMIII” came to be. 

“A part of me feels like I can learn something so I gravitate towards that naturally. And it was funny because when I wasn’t looking for it was when ‘MAMIII’ happened,” Becky G told Zane Lowe of Apple Music. After “constantly making the intention to connect” but not being able to because of busy schedules, it finally happened. It finally all came together because she was working on her upcoming album ESQUEMAS when Ovy On The Drums came by the studio with ideas. He presented her with a demo of “MAMIII,” which Becky G liked and recorded a verse for. A few days later, Ovy worked with Karol G, and it all aligned for the two G’s.

After Karol tried FaceTiming her seven times, Becky finally got back to her. “She was like, I just want to play something. And she plays me just the part of her doing the intro of the song,” Becky G told Apple Music. “And I, in that moment, I was like… Well, I had been wanting to have a moment where the Gs came together.”

The “NO MIENTEN” singer then told Lowe about how these moments are hard to come by. “We had been at it for so long. Karol is not just this overnight success. Same with Natti Natasha. Same with Anitta. There’s a lot of work that goes on to get to these moments. So I had been wanting to do something with Karol for so long and it just felt right. Like I said, it was the serendipity of it all.”

She continued: “It just happened. And she wanted to be on the song and I was like, let’s go. And she was like, I can only do it if it’s released [on] this date. So I scratched my entire album release plan. I was like, let’s go.” 

After the success of “MAMIII,” Becky G is finally on track preparing for her album release this week (May 13). Starting today (May 10), fans can listen to her latest single, “BAILE CON MI EX,” which is out now. It’s Becky G’s month, y’all!