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Becky G Lits Up Dodger Stadium as MLB’s All-Star Weekend Headliner

Becky G lit up her hometown of Los Angeles as the headliner for MLB’s All-Star Week’s Extra Innings on Saturday, July 16, at Dodgers Stadium. The “MAMIII” singer and headliner gave fans a show and performed hits such as “Mayores,” “Shower,” and “Buen Día,” (off her new album Esquemas). 

The day after her performance, the Mexican-American singer uploaded a video of herself with family and friends in Dodger gear with the caption, “Last night was a dream come true ? Gracias familia.”

As one fan pointed out, Becky G is a Dodger fan and Inglewood native. Her performance shows an acute sense of cultural competency by the league in featuring a singer with close ties to the team and its location.


The singer was on the sidelines for the All-Star celebrity softball game in which Bad Bunny, Guillermo Rodriguez, and Anthony Ramos were among the players. Becky G and the reggaeton hitmaker shared a hug and chat before he went on to steal the show with two singles.

Based on the singer’s smiles on Saturday, it’s clear this is a bucket list item for her. Let’s hope she’s relishing the moment because you know what comes next — questions on when she’s bringing the All Star show on the road for an Esquemas tour. But she already seems to be ready to go. She just posted on her Instagram, saying she’s en route to the music studio for a project she’s been dreaming about for years. 

Seems like Becky G is taking the momentum from this weekend to continue to ride high. At 25, it’s clear she’s just getting started.