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Bastille Release New Song “Give Me The Future”

With their eagerly-awaited fourth full-length on the way, Bastille are giving us the latest taste of what to expect, sharing the new track “Give Me The Future,” from their upcoming fourth studio album. The song is featured in the Jeep brand’s new campaign video, “Life Electrified.”

“Give Me The Future” features cavernous production echoes as synths juxtapose an airy beat. The vocals paint a sci-fi-inspired picture, recalling imagery from Blade Runner and beyond. It all builds towards a spacey and soaring hook, welcoming whatever looms on the horizon along for the ride. As always, Bastille represents the future. Earlier this week, the Jeep brand revealed a portion of the song in a shorter campaign video, which had Bastille fans going wild, guessing the song title and release date.

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