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Bad Bunny’s World’s Hottest Tour Tickets Are Now on Sale – & the Internet Is Freaking Out

After less than a week of being announced, Bad Bunny’s tickets for his international stadium “World’s Hottest Tour” are on sale now — and fans have comments on the prices. Due to COVID-19, it’s inevitable that ticket surges are hitting concert sales, but how much are you willing to pay to see the Puerto Rican icon?

Fans can’t believe the ticket prices and are debating on buying or not. Yes, the prices are being judged. Yes, we are side-eyeing it all.

These ticket sales are the perfect opportunity to use the Euphoria meme of the moment.

But they’re not. Tickets are heavily skyrocketing as they continue to be on-demand. Did we not learn from his first on-sale “El Último Tour Del Mundo” ticket prices? Tickets that were once $69 nosebleeds are now going on sale for $235+. Way on top. And don’t get me started on the service fees… 

Benito didn’t even give us the time to save up for this second round! We knew something was coming when he emptied his Instagram account. But back-to-back tours? In one year? Now, that’s ambitious. When does he sleep?

Other fans are making this a laughable moment — still buying and supporting their beloved artist. YOLO, right? 

A Twitter fan says: “Me in the VIP of the Bad Bunny concert without my organs,” and pairs it with a photo of a close-to-lifeless Bella Swan from Twilight.

The Twitter-verse is truly unmatched. And with Conejo Malo also hitting Central America on this tour, these memes also had us on the floor.

Are you willing to blow your savings to see Bad Bunny this year? If so, please take all the videos you can — asking for a friend (I’m the friend). We love you, Benito, but the ticket prices are outside my budget.