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Bad Bunny Opens Up About Why He’s Always Liked Women’s Clothing

Bad Bunny has completed another first in his career. The superstar and fashionista is the first solo male and first Latino to grace the cover of The Icons Issue published by Harper’s Bazaar.

“[Bad Bunny] doesn’t just make music—he makes certified bangers,” Harper’s Bazaar tweeted. “The Puerto Rican superstar is the most streamed artist in the world. But he doesn’t have a strategy. He’s achieved success by staying true to his sound, his style, and himself.”

On the cover, Bad Bunny is wearing a white Louis Vuitton jacket, shirt, couture skirt, and boots. He accessorized his look with earrings and necklaces from Tiffany & Co.

Writer Bianca Betancourt shared more new photos of the rapper on Twitter. These included a shot of Bad Bunny wearing a brown Louis Vuitton jacket and pants, purple shirt and white boots with Tiffany jewelry; and another where he’s sporting a baby blue Dior top, beige pants and Tiffany jewelry.

Cardi B chimed in with the magazine to share her thoughts on Bad Bunny’s fashion trends. “The way that he has transitioned into fashion, the way that he dressed in drag in his music video even though Hispanic culture can be a little homophobic—he took that chance, and instead of hurting his career, it made him bigger,” she said.

During the interview, Bad Bunny explained that wearing women’s clothes is something he started doing at a young age when he went shopping with his mother in rural Puerto Rico.

“I always remember seeing the pieces in women’s clothing, and they would always fit me so much better, and they had so much different variety,” he said. “Obviously, as you get older, you start seeing what the world shows you, and if I lived my life that way, then I wouldn’t be able to dress in the way that I really want to. To a point, the fame and where I am gives me the confidence to do all of these things.”