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Bad Bunny Meets Uvalde Shooting Survivor at His Arlington Show

As if Bad Bunny isn’t already busy enough with a sold-out world tour and award show appearances, he still finds a way to give back to the community — making us love him even more. Mayah Zamora, the last survivor of the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, TX, after remaining in the hospital for more than two months, was shown warming support by Benito at his concert on Friday, Sep. 9, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. 

During his tour travels in Texas, the Puerto Rican star is still finding ways to care for the families and survivors of the May 24 shooting that killed two teachers and 19 fourth graders in Uvalde. So as the “Tití Me Preguntó” singer made his way through Dallas, he took the time to meet Zamora backstage, receiving signed merchandise and pictures. 

The Correa Family Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa, shared photos of the 10-year-old survivor with Bad Bunny backstage before his show. On Sunday, the foundation gave their warmest appreciation to Bad Bunny for taking the time to make Zamora feel so special that night, along with her family.

“A huge thank you to @badbunnypr for welcoming our Hero of the Month, Mayah Zamora, to your concert, and for making sure she had a beautiful and fun night dancing with her family! All the love she received from you and your team @noahassad @rimas made this an incredible experience she and her family will cherish.”

This isn’t the first time the Grammy award-winning singer stepped in to help. As the World’s Hottest Tour made its way to San Antonio, parents of the Ulvade victims shared that he also provided suite tickets and gifts to the sold-out shows. 

The Correa Family Foundation also shared that Bad Bunny partnered with the group to build a new home for the Zamora family. Unfortunately, the survivor’s childhood house was close to the shooter’s, making returning to everyday life after her hospital stays almost impossible. She underwent more than 20 surgeries for her wounds and spent 66 days in San Antonio’s University Health hospital after being released in July.

Bad Bunny proves time and time again that no matter how busy he may be, he always has the interest of his Latine fans and community at hand first.