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Bad Bunny & Lala Stir Up Boricua Pride at Met Gala 2024 With Spanglish Interview

Lala’s interview with Bad Bunny at the Met Gala 2024 is going viral. Not only is the moment stirring up Boricua pride, but Lala is also getting praised for letting Bad Bunny do the interview in Spanish.

The Met Gala had major Puerto Rican representation this year. Bad Bunny and Jennifer Lopez served as two of the Latine co-chairs of the event this year. Lala Anthony, who is also Boricua, served as Vogue’s official red carpet correspondent

Toward the end of the event, Anthony interviewed Benito on the red carpet. Instead of trying to have him speak in English, she let him speak in Spanish. Representing the reality of Latines in the U.S. today who move between English and Spanish, that is how she allowed their interview to flow. 

Anthony’s and Bad Bunny’s Spanglish moment on the red carpet stirred up a lot of Boricua pride. With Puerto Rican flag emojis, one person on X (formerly known as Twitter) wrote, “Bad Bunny going through his interview with Lala in Spanish fills me with so much pride.” Another person wrote, “Lala speaking Spanish to Bad Bunny like the Afro-Latina she is love my Puertorriqueña Mami.” 

The moment also inspired people to praise Lala as a longtime professional in the entertainment space. Her speaking with Bad Bunny in Spanglish also opened up the conversation about the need for Latine talent at major events like the Met Gala. One person on X wrote, “Lala and Bad Bunny’s interview on the #MetGala carpet just warmed my heart. We really need to give Lala her flowers for the decades worth of work she has done to represent Afro Latinos in media.” Another person added, “Having Lala (who speaks Spanish) at the Met Gala red carpet so she can interview Bad Bunny (a co-chair) was smart!”