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Picture of Taylor Swift and Matty Healy

Are Taylor Swift and Matty Healy Dating?

Tabloid rumors are swirling that Taylor Swift and The 1975 frontman Matty Healy are dating, but fans aren’t so sure.

U.K. tabloid The Sun reports Taylor and Matty “are madly in love.”

“It’s super-early days, but it feels right. They first dated, very briefly, almost 10 years ago but timings just didn’t work out,” a source told the publication.

The source added that Swift and Healy supposedly began seeing each other only after the pop star split from her longtime partner Joe Alwyn.

“Taylor and Joe actually split up back in February, so there was absolutely no crossover,” the source claimed, adding that Swift and Healy have been supposedly communicating via FaceTime since both The 1975 and Swift are on huge tours at the moment.

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“They are both massively proud and excited about this relationship and, unlike Taylor’s last one — which was very much kept out of the spotlight, deliberately — she wants to ‘own’ this romance, and not hide it away,” the source continued of the musicians’ rumored romance.

The Sun reports the alleged couple are planning to see each other this weekend when Swift performs in Nashville.

However, many Swifties on social media aren’t buying the tabloid reports.

“Does Taylor Swift know she’s dating Fernando Alonso, Bradley Cooper, Dylan O’Brien and Matty Healy at the same time?” one fan tweeted, nodding to the absurd amount of dating speculation the singer has recently received.

“How about you mind your business?” another fan tweeted.

Another asked people to “stop” claiming Swift is dating the controversial Healy because the pop star has “bad” taste in men but “even trash has categories.”

Interestingly, Healy reportedly made divisive remarks about Swift in the past when the two first faced dating speculation a few years ago.

Speaking to Q the Music in 2016, Healy referred to their relationship as a brief “flirtation” and called the idea of dating Swift “emasculating.”

“It’s not really anything to talk about, because if she wasn’t Taylor Swift we wouldn’t be talking about her. She wasn’t a big impact on my life. It’s just interesting to me how interested the world is about Taylor Swift … And the reason I mention that is because if I had [properly] gone out with Taylor Swift the first thing I would’ve [thought was], ‘F—ing hell, I am NOT being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.’ You know, f–k that. That’s also a man thing, a de-masculinating, emasculating thing,” Healy reportedly said, according to NME.

However, it appears Swift and Healy are on much better terms today.

The pop star appeared on stage with The 1975 at the O2 arena in London earlier this year, where she performed “The City” alongside the band.

Swift was also photographed posing with Healy’s mom backstage.

Additionally, Healy previously told KROQ that The 1975 collaborated with Swift on a song for her Midnights album, though the song was never released.

“We actually worked a bit on that but then the version of it never came out,” Healy revealed.

Neither Healy nor Swift’s reps have confirmed the rumored romance as of publishing.

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