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Are Karol G & La Cruz Going to Drop ‘Un Perreo Gay’?

La Cruz has caught the attention of Karol G. Yesterday (July 13), the Colombian superstar started following La Cruz on Instagram, which leads their fans to think they could collaborate in the future.

Alfonso La Cruz, who is known by his stage name La Cruz and is breaking boundaries being an openly gay artist in el movimiento, blew up last month thanks to his viral hit “Quítate La Ropa.” In reggaeton music, which has a homophobic history, he sang about another man who was driving him wild in his song. The sexy music video also helped the song explode with a shirtless man twerking behind La Cruz in a locker room. The rising Venezuelan star’s brand of perreo was playfully dubbed “regaytón” by his growing queer fan base. 

Karol G appears to have caught wind of the emerging artist’s gay empowerment in reggaeton. Fans noticed that she started following him on Instagram this week. Over on Twitter, La Cruz celebrated the news of capturing Karol G’s attention. “La bichota is an inspiration,” he wrote in Spanish. “I love her, and I could thank her for her support in this unique moment.”

With Karol G and La Cruz now following each other on Instagram, many of their fans called for them to work together in the future. “Need gay perreo from Karol G ft De La Cruz,” wrote one on Twitter in Spanish. “omg, the queen of the urban genre and the king of regaytón,” wrote another person with a clapping emoji. 

We hope this new connection between both artists will lead to more global collaborations for the independent artist. La Cruz recently tweeted that he wants to work with Brazilian superstar Anitta on a remix of “Quítate La Ropa.” Last year, he dropped his debut album Hawaira