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Arca Releases Ultimecia, a ‘Final Fantasy VIII’-Inspired Merch Collection

Arca has dropped Ultimecia, a new merch capsule collection inspired by the 1999 Playstation classic Final Fantasy VIII. She unveiled the line on Instagram in a series of 10 stunning photos that take their cues from the game’s modern-meets-magical aesthetic.

The collection, which is available on her official website, includes shirts, a black hoodie, and stickers with images from the photo session. The shirts run at $30, while the hoodie featuring Arca wielding a sword is priced at $50.

Ultimecia is a reference to the sorceress and final boss in Final Fantasy VIII. During the game’s last battle, Ultimecia possesses the body of frenemy Edea Kramer, who Arca also references in her merch announcement.

“In actuality, Edea is benign and gentle,” Arca writes in the announcement. “Although she has been under the stigma of being a sorceress ever since the age of five, she doesn’t resent the world for the prejudice it must have shown her. She devotes her life to helping others, focusing upon the children she cares for in her orphanage. Those raised by her are reluctant to accept the deeds performed by a possessed Edea are those committed by their beloved matron.”

In the same statement, Arca also lists a few magic spells from Final Fantasy VIII that both sorceresses are known to have at their disposal. That includes Fire, Blizzard, Blind, and Death. In the game, Edea notably sends a Blizzard icicle through protagonist Squall Leonhart’s chest that nearly kills him.

Arca has made her love for Final Fantasy VIII known in the past. She remixed the video game’s lush theme “Balamb Garden” with samples from Missy Elliott and Erykah Badu hits.

The merch line caps off a busy few months for Arca. Her latest project KiCk i is nominated at this year’s Grammy Awards for Best Dance/Electronic album. Last month, she released 100 remixes of her song “Riquiquí” with the A.I. technology Bronze.