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Anuel AA Confirms Break-Up with Yailin La Más Viral

In a sudden turn of events, Anuel AA revealed that he is no longer with his wife Yailin La Más Viral. He announced that he and his pregnant, now ex-partner are not together during an Instagram live early morning on Feb. 9.

“Me and Yailín are no longer together due to things that happen in life,” he said on Instagram live. “It’s sad that she is pregnant and we can[‘t] be together having a family under one roof.” He then asked for the Dominican Republic to keep supporting her music, which she’s working hard on.

“That girl works with cojones, she is going to be a mother now. She is a fighter, alone since she was a little girl,” he continued. “Support her. She is still the mother of my daughter.”

The couple had lots of ups and downs in 2022. Last Mar., they teamed up for their buzzed-about reggaeton love duo “Si Tu Me Busca.” In June, they revealed that they officially got married, and just two months later, there were divorce rumors. They ended up setting the rumors aside and later announced that they were having a baby. But now, their future as a couple appears to be uncertain.

Yailin has yet to respond to anything or post about it online. Her last posts on Instagram show her pregnant with the Puerto Rican’s baby girl. In a post last Nov. revealing the baby’s gender, she wrote: “I always told God to give me a family, but with the man that I truly loved. Thank you God for giving me what I always asked for.”

She continued: “I feel like the happiest woman in the world. I don’t know how to thank you for this happiness that I’m feeling right now. I have words. Your daddy and I made you with a lot of love. We are waiting for your arrival, mi gordita. I love you, Anuel.”