Supreme has collaborated with the swamp-dwelling ogre, as the label unveils its AW21 lookbook

Shrek, an animation ogre who could light a candle with his own earwax, is the latest victim of Supreme’s collaborative mill. Maybe it was the rise of the dad bod back in 2019 that did it, but in recent years, the Scottish grouch has been reclaimed online as a subcultural gag – ugly, gross, and in need of a cuddle just like the rest of us. 

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Perhaps that’s unfair, though. After all, contemporary culture would probably deign Shrek as some kind of misunderstood himbo. A subversive sex icon, even – if the slime green “Daddy” caps or Twitter nudes are anything to go by. And now, Supreme has released a series of t-shirts, skateboards, and beanies, plastered with the Shrek logo, reimagined to spell out its own brand name. The capsule forms part of the skatebrand’s AW21 drop, which also saw subway carriages emblazoned with the hypebeast logo in a ballsy, city-wide, promotional effort. 

Elsewhere, the collection also includes collaborations from the New York Yankees, DMX and Nas, Dickies, and Skittles – the latter of which has had its kaleidoscopic candies embroidered onto Polartec fleece jackets and matching pants. Then, the NYC label has blasted its box logo over aluminium spinner rims, a ping pong table, a king size mattress, bowling balls, firelighters, and a Gundam figurine. 

Supreme will drop its autumn collection in weekly doses, starting this Thursday (August 19).