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All Day I Dream Covers Your Seasonal Depression In ‘A Winter Sampler VI’

Lee Burridge has been in the game for over three decades. Traveling the world and generously sharing his passion and renowned musical selection. Burridge’s famous imprint, All Day I Dream, has just handed over the sixth installment of their compilation series in A Winter Sampler VI and it’s everything house music lovers could’ve asked for.

Lee Burridge and All Day I Dream are consistently showcasing some of the most diverse global sounds with their releases, while also fostering and elevating emerging artists. A Winter Sampler VI is a sonic journey with highs and lows. Ramiro Drisdale’s “Feel & Move” is a high energy yet moody deep house contribution, while BAI’s “The Purpose” is an organic house number reminding you that you’re important in this universe. Each track is its own force but all still exist in perfect harmony with each other, making this edition of A Winter Sampler a must listen from top to bottom.

Listen to the compilation below and enjoy!

All Day I Dream – A Winter Sampler VI

-Written By: JD Scribner
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