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Alicia Silverstone Is Rodarte’s Latest Muse

Rodarte’s lookbooks never fail to delight. Season after season, designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy make sure the pictures have as much personality as the clothes. Each of the brand’s seasonal photo stories is different, but they’re united by an ethereal sensibility and casts that feature an incredible lineup of celebrities. Fall 2021’s special guest star is Clueless actress Alicia Silverstone, who joins model Heather Kemesky and Brother Vellies designer Aurora James in the series of colorful beachside portraits that capture the cheerful mood of the pieces. 

For Silverstone, the opportunity to step into the world of Rodarte was impossible to resist. “We met when Laura reached out to me wanting to show me some of the collection because she had this idea of including me,” says Silverstone. “[I felt] like it would be fun to collaborate on this shoot with these creative women.”

Photo: Todd Cole / Courtesy of Rodarte

Drawn to the Mulleavys’ designs for their “purity of vision,” Silverstone wanted to ensure that the looks she wore aligned with her ethical standards. “I’m most interested in sustainable clothing. Compassionate choices that don’t hurt animals or the earth when making pretty things,” she explains. “That’s always my first priority when shopping for myself, and of course, I like to look and feel good, and I appreciate beautiful things and the art of fashion.” Rodarte checked both boxes, by keeping Silverstone's looks free of leather, silk, and other materials that come from animals. “None of [Kate and Laura’s] clothes feel like there were compromises made when imagining them, designing them or producing them,” she says. “They were so open, and we had a great conversation about eco-design and making sure anything I wore was vegan.” 

Photo: Todd Cole / Courtesy of Rodarte

On set, the vibe was magical. “It was a beautiful day at the beach, and the clothes and the setting made me feel like something special was happening,” she says. “It was a very creative and inspiring day of art.” Though everything Silverstone wore kept with her style, she couldn’t help but think her famous alter-ego would love Rodarte’s latest wares too. “I think I love the pink dress the most, but all of the clothes felt like such fun artsy dress-up,” she says. “Can’t you see Cher wearing the pink dress?”