Lensed by Lea and Roberto Colombo, the new series gives Collection III its debut

Founded by Salma Rachid and Rosario Toscano in 2020, Akoni Eyewear continues to establish itself as an emerging eyewear brand to watch. With two collections already under its belt, Akoni Eyewear’s third offering is now here.

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Brought to life in an exlusive new shoot lensed by Dazed 100 alumni Lea Colombo, alongside brother Roberto and stylist Katie Burnett, the series exudes the nostalgia of retrofuturism, while still having its feet rooted firmly in the present. With a balance of monochrome images offset by vibrant shots of blurred movement, the dynamic expression of creative freedom in the campaign represents Akoni Eyewear’s ethos of liberation.

”Having been given such a high level of trust and flexibility to create, we could truly concentrate on the magic of the image-making process,” explains Lea Colombo of the shoot, which demonstrates her signature propensity for vivid and often unexpected colour combinations. “That allowed us to focus on the best pathways to allow the energy of freedom and playfulness drive this experience and vision forward.”

The collection itself was inspired by mid-century architectural talents and classic Hollywood icons and comprises three new frames – Lynx, Eris, and Hercules. “Akoni defines itself as ‘framing visionaries’, and a true visionary is eager and open to exploring and experiencing the art, emotions and beauty that surrounds all of us,” says creative director Salma Rachid on the decision to channel these distinct artistic visions. 

When it comes to build, the frames are crafted from Akoni Eyewear’s signature eco-friendly materials, including Japanese acetate and high-quality Japanese titanium. As seen in the campaign imagery closeups, the collection sees a blend of powerful, sculptural shapes and more refined elegant detailing come together, as Akoni Eyewear puts modern twist on a series of classic silhouettes. 

Check out the campaign in the gallery above and check the collection here.