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After Weeks of Denial, Bad Bunny Confirms New Album Is on the Way

It’s official: Bad Bunny’s next album is on the way. After much speculation and back-and-forth, the music artist has seemingly confirmed his upcoming album. On Sunday, October 8, he tweeted out a numbered list with the word “Fuego,” spanning 22 spaces, which is exactly what he did before his last album, Un Verano Sin Ti.

This tweet comes after album rumors began to circulate following his Vanity Fair cover story, in which it was revealed that the context of the interview is related to the forthcoming album. Benito and his team didn’t necessarily confirm this on the record during their discussion. In the following days, Bad Bunny denied the news on his WhatsApp Channel.

“Who read the Vanity Fair interview?” Bad Bunny messaged his fans in Spanish. “Haha, someone tell me where I said I was releasing an album this year because nowhere did I say that.”

Then, Bad Bunny released the song ““UN PREVIEW,” which he teased as “a little preview of what’s to come for the next year.” However, he stated that this could be “the last song from him this year.”

It seems these were just tactics to throw his fans off course, as we now have a major clue from the Puerto Rican superstar himself. And if there’s anything to go by from last year, when he also dropped the number of songs in a tweet on a Sunday, he released the album just days later that same week. Is it possible that we will be getting a new album from Bad Bunny this week? Or will he drop it later this month when he hosts and performs at Saturday Night Live on October 21?

The tracklist preview wasn’t the only tweet from Bad Bunny this weekend. He also sent a message to “the people who have stayed loyal” to him. On the evening of Saturday, October 7, he posted, “This tweet I want to use to thank you for so much love and for supporting me all these years. To the people who have stayed loyal to me, to those who never left… I love you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you!”