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Addison Rae’s String Bikini Is Giving Emo Kid Energy

I know it’s almost October and I *should* be focusing my funds on cozy knits and platform boots and Lululemon leggings, but Addison Rae is really inspiring me to go bikini shopping. Do I have anywhere to wear a bikini? No, but that’s not the point!

Days after going viral at the Met Gala (read: that blonde wig), Addison Rae is taking some time for relaxation. Yesterday, the TikToker had a cute lil beach day that included a slushie, some ice cream, absolutely immaculate views, and, yes, a very cute bikini.

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Providing me personally with the pop-punk vibes I crave (thanks bestie!), Addison showed off the cutest checker print bikini to hit the internet thus far. She then matched up the groovy purple suit with a plaid bucket hat for an effortlessly cool contrast.

addison rae checker print bikini


So, um beach day anyone?

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